---------- Illustration and Animation by Alex ilitchev. --------- Requests considered, commissions always welcome

After many months, the utterly complete version of the Unofficial Adventure Time Roleplaying Game is ready! This means we’re rolling it into “beta” status! Some of the awesome features included are;

- 17 playable species and 6 classes!
- Like, 50+ monsters directly from the show!
- A full 17 page adventure to introduce people to the game!
- Other stuff I forgot!


Also, don’t forget that a friend of mine made this super awesome
Online Character Generator

Cause who wants to do lots of hard sums? Nobody that’s who.

As always, please play, share, and send me feedback either through the ask button or via email! I want this thing to keep getting better and better!

NOTE -  Though I’m not releasing a new version just for this, people reading this original post should note that hit points should be initially calculated using your constitution SCORE, not your constitution MODIFIER. This has been rectified in the character generator.

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